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The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC. understands the fear and anxiety that sometimes comes with estate planning and probate issues. You can count on attorney Sartin to:

  • Meet with your family and learn about your estate planning goals
  • Give you sound guidance and advice at every step
  • Help your family probate your will

To learn more about our estate planning and probate law services, call (972) 777-4664 today. Attorney Sartin in Dallas, TX will be glad to answer your questions. We can also help you put together a will or trust




Why trust your estate planning needs to The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC?

The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to providing dependable estate planning and probate law services to clients in the Dallas, TX area. You can trust us as your probate and estate planning lawyer to take care of your family's legal needs at every step, because:

  1. He's skilled: attorney Sartin has over 16 years of experience practicing estate planning and probate law
  2. He's personal: attorney Sartin tailors each service to suit your family's needs
  3. He's affordable: attorney Sartin keeps his costs low without sacrificing your client experience

Call (972) 777-4664 today to find out what The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC can do for you.

Paul is an outstanding attorney. He is a consummate legal professional without pretense, and he offers advice that you can bank on. I highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking competent, meticulous estate planning and/or follow up legal advice. He has proven to be most capable over the years and I will always seek his support when necessary.

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