The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC customizes its fee arrangements with its clients according to the facts of each specific case. The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC represents clients under one of the following arrangements for estates 1) subject to the federal estate tax; 2) contested probate matters/will contests; and/or 3) litigation, as well as all costs and expenses:

$ Hourly fee arrangement.   The client may pay an hourly fee for cases 1) subject to the federal estate tax; 2) contested probate matters, and/or 3) litigation. The client pays attorney's fees on an hourly basis for time spent.

Paul A. Sartin bills at the rate of $400.00 per hour.

The client is invoiced monthly, and sums due under the invoice are due within thirty (30) days. Prior to expending time on a particular project, we provide you with a time estimate, require a $4,000 retainer, and get your approval. We bill in units of 1/10th (.1) of an hour.

$ Hybrid fee arrangement.   The client pays a reduced contigent fee as well as a one-time fixed fee for work performed on the matter.

Specific fee arrangements with particular clients are reflected in each and every fee contract entered into by and between the Firm and the client, which fee contract controls the terms of an attorney-client arrangement.