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Establish wills and trusts as part of your estate plan

Estate planning is important for everyone. It makes the grieving process easier on your loved ones, and you have the opportunity to make your wishes known. If you're creating a will or trust, meet with an attorney in Dallas or University Park, TX. The Sartin Law Firm, PLLC offers estate planning services to walk you through the entire process.

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Wills vs. trusts

While wills and trusts are often created together, they are not the same. Creating a will allows you to choose beneficiaries for your assets. Trusts give you the freedom to establish more concrete rules about your assets.

Here are a few key differences between wills and trusts:

Wills are not effective until after you pass away. By creating a will, you can choose beneficiaries for your assets and powers of attorney.
Trusts can go into effect at any time you choose. You can use a trust to choose multiple beneficiaries for your finances or other assets.

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